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About Us

The Summit Squad is powered by Sweat To Change.  Sweat To Change is based in New York City and has held workouts and empowering talks all over the US and into Canada.

They began as a way to 'show' women what they were capable of physically, by crushing workouts and then hosting inspiring speakers to empower the women.  Proceeds from each event are donated to charities.  

Past speakers include Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code), Jen Widerstrom (Biggest Loser), Christmas Abbott (NASCAR's first female pit member + reality star), Lauren Fisher (Nike CrossFit Athlete), Kari Pearce (America's Fittest Female), Heather 'The Heat' Hardy (professional boxer & MMA athlete), motivational speakers Nicole Mejia, Andrea Ager and Emily Schromm, plus many more.

The Summit series is the next level of our endeavor to empower women to become the change makers they are destined to be in life by crushing physical feats once though impossible.

Become a member of this Squad and get ready to be inspired and empowered to chase and crush your dream!

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